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We remain committed to communicating on a regular basis throughout this pandemic. With the continual evolving situation of COVID-19 we all need to be ensuring we remain on high alert in protecting our residents and team within Eloura. There might not be any cases within our region but we cannot afford to be complacent. 

Here is an update on what we are doing to protect our residents within their home here at Eloura. 


Care During Covid


We are ensuring visitation into the building is being followed under the below guidelines

  1. Visits are between 1000 – 1400 7 days a week unless otherwise arranged 

  2. Each resident, is allowed a maximum of two (2) visitors at a time

  3. Visits are to occur in areas which can accommodate social distancing rules and are NOT to be held in communal areas i.e. dining areas

  4. Vaccination records must be provided in order to enter the building

  5. Each visitor is to be screened on arrival including temperature and complete a declaration 

  6. Any visitor who has been in a hot spot as identified by NSW health will not be permitted to enter the building

Shut Down Stratergy

We have built a detailed strategy that if Eloura is required to close from an outbreak or under NSW Health advise we can continue to provide service to our residents. This strategy includes:

  • Service Provision

  • Staffing Strategy

  • Isolation of Infection

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Communications 

  • Resident and Staff Well-Being

  • Family Remote Contact

Resident Screening

  1. Daily monitoring of all resident’s temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate

  2. Daily observations for clinical signs or symptoms of COVID-19 

Additional Cleaning

The service has also implemented additional cleaning hours across the site to promote effective infection control practices. These hours are directed to both resident and high traffic areas including the public foyer to ensure ‘high touch surfaces’ such as handrails, door handles etc are cleaned frequently. 

The ongoing health and safety of our residents is our highest priority and appreciate your cooperation and support.


We will continue to follow the advice given from NSW Health and update you as changes are made.


Our team are here to assist you so if you have any questions or concerns please make contact with us during business hours Monday-Friday on (02) 6741 2222.